Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo – Hidden Gem in Lumajang (1)

June 2016, finally I had a chance to cameback to my hometown in Lumajang, East Java (145 km from Surabaya, about 3 hours ride). This trip was unplanned but with quick move we prepared food and slept earlier because we needed to start our trip early in the morning. I woke up at 4 am, and the trip began at 4.30 by car from Lumajang.

The first one hour was smooth and nice, you would be in the main road and there would be a sign road that would lead you but if you are not familiar with this area I suggest you to joining tour or rent a car with local driver because after entering the conservation forest the road will only be around 2 meters and full of turns. And not forget to mention, there are rocky and bumpy road so you need a compatible car.


But, at least for me, I enjoyed the road trip. The conservation forest was like nature safari. There was a sign saying that the animal will cross the road and all flora and fauna in this forest are protected so we aren’t allowed to hunt or do any harm. I expected to saw big animals, but too bad I’m not lucky to see any of them. The air was so refreshing. Open your car window, forget the air con, and let your lung get some fresh air!

One hour and half, finally I arrived at Semeru Mountain Hiking Spot. The gate behind me is your start point if you wanna hike Semeru Mountain. I asked the local, it will take nine hours to reach the top. The view up there will be worth every short breath you take and make forget all the pain. The hardest road will lead you to the most beautiful view, right?


I arrived at Ranu Pani Village at 6.10, and went straight to Ranu Pani (Ranu means lake) by walking on the road beside Marchel homestay. The view was amazing! In everywhere I put my eyes on, the beautiful sceneries welcomes me.


Only took 15 minutes walked from there, I arrived in Ranu Regulo. So it’s like hit two birds with one rock!




A very breathaking view made me feel so relaxed and blew my stress away. The air was so fresh and cool right here, how I wish I wore my running shoes instead of this flipflop. I could feel my toes became numb. A proper winter outwear are very recommended, some locals even told me there will be a thin snow here in cold season (July- August).


The only thing that made me sad was perfectly described on the picture below. I don’t know why people who had enjoyed this beautiful sceneries has to make this place become miserable. I didn’t bring trash bag with me at that time, and maybe you didn’t too, but at least if we can’t clean up this place, just don’t make it worse.


I hope you guys enjoy this post. If you wanna ask me about anything related please feel free to leave some comments! 🙂 The next post will be about Puncak Satu, the place where you can see the famous Bukit Teletubies and some info about place to stay in Ranu Pani!


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